My stay in Switzerland with Raymonde was brilliant, I’ve really improved my french and learned a lot of new vocabulary and grammar, such as the difference in using connaître and savoir. Every morning was productive and we would use websites to practice grammar and learn about various different things such as the Red Cross and it’s history. After completing work in the morning, we would do an activity which would always be interesting and fun, such as walking with les raquettes in the snow, a cinema trip, and meeting an former member of the Red Cross and finding out about his past stories. I always felt very comfortable around everyone here, and I felt very welcomed into the house. The bedroom and bathroom was very spacious and comfortable to stay in, and the food was fantastic. Therefore it is an experience I would recommend to anyone learning french or wanting an immersion in the language and culture, as it is a fun and exciting experience, and I have also really improved my French.