I can’t say enough good things about my stay with Raymonde! I loved absolutely everything about my immersion experience here. Raymonde is a warm, caring, fun person who takes great care of her students. She is very generous with her time—she took us to the train station whenever we needed to be there, she took us on wonderful excursions, she cooked for us, and she was always available to help us with any small concern or detail at all. She is so kind and always has a smile on her face, and is always checking with her students to make sure we are doing things we like to do and that we feel comfortable and welcome. She cooked amazing meals when we were with her. She hiked with us up a mountain to a restaurant where we ate fondue, she drove us to Montreux and showed us many other beautiful places along the way. Having a knowledgeable local to show us everything is priceless. There is no way a normal tourist would be able to have the same wonderful experience as we had with Raymonde. Her partner Michel is also a very kind and fun person—we were always laughing with him as he sang, visited with us, and had meals with us. They live in a beautiful home in a very charming village!

I can think of no other way to be able to see this area of Switzerland, while at the same time having your own private French tutor who is willing to create your own personal curriculum or study exactly what you want to study and the method in which you feel most comfortable. I am leaving here very grateful and thrilled about this amazing experience! Not only did I practice and improve my French, I had a wonderful person watching over me, spending time with me, teaching me, and ensuring that I experienced the best this area has to offer. This immersion is an experience I will remember with great joy. Raymonde is the best, and I hope I will be able to repeat this experience again! I will miss her!

I joined my niece as the second on the party. I have some French comprehension, and appreciated the opportunity to listen and enjoy the conversations. I got to enjoy the amazing home, company, food, excursions and ambiance. Sitting and looking out the window at the bucolic view, listening to the birds and church bells was so relaxing and peaceful. I am so happy to have the chance and good fortune to visit this beautiful region of Switzerland. Raymonde provided a lovely and unforgettable experience. I really did not want to live. Thank you Raymonde.

Lynn ( Lily) Carol