Let’s go shopping.  Let’s prepare lunch.  Let’s take a walk.  Let’s speak French.
Sue and Donald wanted to dive into French and their first chance came with their booking for two weeks with Raymonde at her place in the country outside of Geneva just at the time the tulips came out and the fields had turned a rich yellow from the colza.
Raymonde, remarkable in many ways, is a teacher first and foremost.  She is a thoroughly conscientious professional, easily adaptable to various learning styles.  Sue and Donald know firsthand, as each approaches the challenge of acquiring French differently.
Raymonde’s pride and skill in her work comes through with each individualized session.  Raymonde is patient and has a great sense of humor.  Sue and Donald tested her patience while sharing many laughs together.
At the end of their stay, Sue and Donald were disappointed their time with Raymonde had ended so quickly.
On y reviendra !  We will come again!!