My long-weekend with Raymonde was an absolute pleasure as well as a hearty brain workout!

Raymonde first asks for the objectives that you wish to achieve during the time spent together. Then she quietly assesses your strengths and weaknesses in your spoken French as your conversations progress. From this, she builds some lesson plans that you will do together over the course of the weekend. She uses a grammar book that she calls « the Bible » of grammar, but she told me that not all of her students wish to do any grammar at all, and that’s fine too! She is completely flexible and will do exactly what you would like to do, and avoid what you do not want to do.

The rest of the time is spent conversing naturally as you do various activities together. Every immersion is completely different and personalized.

For my weekend, we cooked together and she was sweet enough to go out and buy all gluten-free foods for me due to a gluten-sensitivity. She shared some of her favorite recipes. I will say that I ate better chez Raymonde than in many restaurants! Her cooking is very healthy and fresh uses loads of fresh (and local!) fruits and vegetables, as well as delicious proteins of all kinds. She loves to cook and entertain, and her enthusiasm is palpable and contagious.

As we both love to ride bikes and to walk in the mountains, these were our activities for the mornings together. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I know that for other students, she does other sorts of activities from sightseeing to shopping to going to museums or events.

It is incredible how much you can learn both during the structured lessons and also during the course of the activities we did together. You hear many little filler words, as well as the rhythm of the language. By chatting all day, any mistakes that you make can be corrected in real time, so that you can begin to retrain your brain again and again during natural conversations.

Also, Raymonde’s home is impeccably clean, tasteful, and light and airy. Your ensuite room is delightful and private. She lives in a small village only 10 minutes from Nyon gare, where she picks you up and drops you off.

10 out of 10- I cannot recommend her highly enough!