We were so fortunate to spend two weeks in French speaking Switzerland with Raymonde in her wonderful home.
As we are both at quite different levels with our French, Raymonde was able to construct our lessons so that separately we could achieve our maximum potential in speaking, listening and grammar.
Raymonde skilfully challenged and gently pushed us to improve our French language skills to reach the next level.The accomodation in her home was immaculate, every comfort thoughtfully attended to. Raymonde is a fantastic cook and all our meals were healthy and delicious.
We had many wonderful day trips with Raymonde; to Le Lavaux, Lausanne, Nyon and to the mountains above Gingins to see Mont Blanc. We went for wonderful walks through the Swiss country side, and yes!,  Swiss cows really do wear cow bells. It was so charming listening to the cow bells chiming from our room at night.
We felt very much a part of the family and this gave us many opportunities to practise our Frenh conversation.
Raymonde took us to see a French language film  » Doctor Knock » in the town of Nyon; this was certainly challenging, however a terrific opportunity to improve our listening skills.
All in all a fantastic two weeks with Raymonde and her family. We cannot recommend highly enough Raymond’s French language immersion program.