My 27-year-old daughter and I spent a lovely week improving our French with Raymonde  in September 2021, and we highly recommend an immersion stay with her in Gingins. She is a warm and welcoming hostess as well as an astute « prof ». In addition to improving our French we had a lot of fun!
Fresh flowers greeted us in our large and comfortable bedrooms, and Raymonde’s house is pretty and bright. We enjoyed helping in the kitchen (all the while speaking French) and we especially enjoyed eating Raymonde’s beautiful, fresh and healthy meals. I learned how to make a « tarte tatin express » — simplified and delicious!
Raymonde listened to us speaking and developed lessons that were perfect for working on our weak spots. She corrects gently and is always encouraging, which I am sure is very hard work, particularly because she spends so much time with her students.
We went hiking amid the beautiful Swiss scenery and admired the cows along the way,
then enjoyed a fondue lunch in the mountains. On another beautiful afternoon we swam in Lake Geneva. We visited the local markets for perfect produce, and went to the other end of Lake Geneva to visit the Charlie Chaplin Museum and see the gorgeous vineyard terraces along the way. We stayed six days but I think 10 days would be ideal — I’m keeping my fingers crossed for next year!