I spent the week of June 27 – July 3, 2021 in a French immersion stay with Raymonde and her partner Michel at her house in the countryside near Nyon.

I had spent 9 months as a student in Paris a long time ago and, after retiring, I  wanted to renew my acquaintance with the French language. There are a great many sites offering immersion stays in both France and Switzerland, so it’s easy to be confused with what’s on offer.

I think that if you really want to benefit as much as possible from just one week it’s important to be in a truly immersive environment and to have a certified  language instructor.

It’s not easy and sometimes very tedious to be constantly correcting people. It helps to have someone who’s both certified and experienced teaching in group and individual environments. This is what Raymonde does and has done for many years.

I think that if you are a B1-B2 student and really want to get the most out of your stay you should buy a copy of La Grammaire Française Progressive 4’th Ed beforehand and review the contents.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what you don’t know. A review ahead of time will  help you to understand where your weak spots lie. Once you’re actually in immersion, Raymonde is very good at adapting to individual needs. 5 stars.