My daughter Nadine, 14, has never been particularly keen on studying. Spending one week of her “well-deserved” holidays “doing French” was not really her idea of fun, even less so since her friends went to a sports camp. But because she needs to pass an important exam, she agreed to an immersion stay with Raymonde.

When after a week of family holidays in Provence our two men were about to drop us off at Raymonde’s, we were all warmly welcomed and treated to a delicious apple tart. That was an excellent start and we became friends immediately. This was very important, since studying with someone you like is easier and more enjoyable.

Nadine liked her French lessons with Raymonde so much, that she did not want to split them with me, as she had intended. With Raymonde’s help she has made up a good part of what she had missed at school and now feels more at ease when using French.

I, on the other hand, had hoped that with one lesson of French per day I might reactivate a bit of my long forgotten vocabulary and structures. My hopes were exceeded – and that without even taking lessons. Raymonde spent so much time talking to us and making us speak that even I got a lot of practice. And she was quick to correct – often with explanations – when we made mistakes. Before she started her lessons with Nadine in the morning, she gave me a grammar book and told me which chapters I needed to revise. So now I feel quite comfortable speaking French again.

On our way home, Nadine said that she had really enjoyed this girls’ holiday and that we should do this more often.

Thank you, Raymonde, for making studying feel like holidays!