I am incredibly grateful for the week spent with Raymonde, her partner Michel and her son, Julien.  Not only do I feel my French has drastically improved, but my understanding of the history and culture of Switzerland has been expanded.
Our days together began with breakfast from which our lessons started immediately after and ended just before lunch.  While Raymonde focused our courses on the fundamentals of the language that she identified would help me, discussion arose organically that branched into a number of topics that tested and refined my French conversation skills.
Afternoons were free where I could use a motorized VTT—a first for me—for scenic yet strenuous rides in the Jura mountains.  I also had the bus at hand to take me to centre ville Nyon for shopping & site seeing.  
Part of the curriculum were two excursions that we finalized together based on my preferences.  The first was visiting the historic chateau Prangin where I read the panels and listened to the recordings in French.  Our second excursion involved touring the UNESCO recognized region of le Lavaux, the chic coast of Montreux and exploring Guyere with its chateau and museums.  
For anyone looking for an organized and magical experience to build their confidence and skills in French, I would highly recommend Raymonde and her comprehensive experience, structured approach and generous spirit.