As a result of my experience during my week long immersion with Raymonde in Switzerland, it is more than likely that I will return again in the new year.  Having not studied any French in 25 years prior to my visit, I had also realized that my High School level of French was not quite of the standard that I had thought it was at the time!  It meant I arrived with a very basic foundation but little more.  I have to say what made this experience so pleasurable for me (as one who was not particularly looking forward to the week), was Raymonde herself.  She is an absolutely amazing person to spend time with.  She is so open and welcoming, with a great sense of humour, and she lives life with a joie de vivre in everything she does.  On top of that she is an incredibly astute teacher with an ability to make learning easy and fun.

Personally to come away from a week long immersion and to be thinking of timing for my next visit, is far beyond the expectations I had a little over a week ago!  It can be frustrating and daunting as an adult to be faced with scenarios where you don’t understand or can’t express yourself.  Raymonde’s home was a zero judgement environment, and she herself is a joy to spend time with.  Her willingness to open up about her own life’s experiences opens the door to personal conversations, and therefore the natural conversation and the learning as a result, are a part of every day life, rather than the sort of school situations taught under other learning formats.

The location for the week is perfect, as the Lake and its surrounds are breathtaking.  There is plenty of opportunity to take in the beauty of the area during the course of each day, and the excursions on offer provide further opportunities for learning about the history of the area, with the benefit of Raymonde’s extensive knowledge of her homeland.  The Swiss truly have a great lifestyle and there is every chance to partake in that throughout the week.  On top of that, whenever any other members of Raymonde’s family or extended family were around, they too ensured that I felt welcomed in their home at all times.

I am delighted I chose Raymonde for my immersion and I would have no hesitation in highly recommending her to anyone who is considering a week’s long immersion.