From June to September I had 10 weeks intensive French classes with Mrs Fahrni, Coming from South Africa and only working in International companies in Switzerland, French was never easy for me and I never grasped the language. Raymonde was a great teacher who made it interesting to learn, she created a great interactive experience which kept concentration levels up which helped the learning process a lot.  She really facilitated in creating a great atmosphere between the students, who all had very different personalities and backgrounds. This also helped us as a group as we would have breaks together and even get together after lessons practising speaking amongst ourselves.

Raymonde has a great character and is a very interesting person herself, and the way she  mixes life experiences and conventional learning makes it a pleasure to learn from her, the three hour lessons seemed a lot shorter due to the interest she created. I now have a great level of confidence and am way more willing to interact socially in French which is a key method to progress as Raymonde taught us. I don’t think we were the easiest students, but Raymonde has such a great persona and level of patients that we all really built up our knowledge and confidence from her.

I can tell how her love of people and social interaction lead her to this profession and I would recommend her as one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Steven Keuning, South African, 32